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Home page for the @amyloids twitter feed.


The @amyloids twitter feed is dedicated to following amyloid research with a focus on the link between structure and disease.


I often come across interesting papers in amyloid research, some of which may be outside of the mainstream or published in minor journals. I usually want to share these papers, but am hesitant to swamp the inboxes of my colleagues with notifications of papers that may not be directly related to their research or that they may not have time to read immediately. Because of this concern, I decided to take the plunge into social media with the @amyloids twitter feed.


Tweets to @amyloids will almost exclusively feature papers published within a couple of days of the tweet. I will only tweet papers that I have read completely, are good quality, and that I think researchers from the amyloid community might find interesting.


Tweets will be preceded with "+++", "++", "+", or no "+"s, indicating my assessment of how wide the paper's audience is, with more "+"s meaning that an article has a wider audience.

Here is an informal guide to the scores:

  • (No "+"s) : Very Specialized Audience - researchers studying the particular properties of the particular system investigated in the paper
  • + : Specialized Audience - researchers who study the particular system
  • ++ : Field Audience - amyloid researchers
  • +++ : General Audience - amyloid researchers as well as researchers from other biomedical fields



To follow @amyloids, go to!/amyloids.