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You are here: Home How To Networking Qwest + dd-wrt + Actiontec GT701R Transparent Bridge

Qwest + dd-wrt + Actiontec GT701R Transparent Bridge

How to get dd-wrt working behind an Actiontec GT701R running in transparent bridge mode with Qwest as the ISP.


Get the Actiontec GT701R to run in transparent bridge mode (ripped from

  1. Hookup modem directly to ethernet connection
  2. Type into internet explorer window address bar
  3. Select Setup
  4. Select advanced setup
  5. On first screen, click "Begin Advanced Setup"
  6. On "Configuring the Advanced Settings" click "Next"
  7. Next screen ("WAN IP Address") will give you option of RF1483 bridge mode, PPPoE or PPPoA. Select RF1483. All other option and menu selections will be disabled after this. Remember, you are making the 701 a "dumb" modem. It will do nothing else but pass packets along.
  8. "Select save and restart" on the bottom of the left hand menu.
  9. Confirm the "Save and Restart"
  10. Wait for it to finish. Modem is now a pure dumb mode.
  11. Into the LAN interface of the 701 plug your router of choice and set it up for PPPoE authentication.


Reset the dd-wrt Router

Follow the manufacturer instructructions


Setup the dd-wrt Router to run in PPPoE

Use the following settings under Setup in dd-wrt.

Basic settings for dd-wrt running in PPPoE (as for Qwest)