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OS X Admin

Add CUPS Printer
This adds a raw CUPS printer to your printer choices.
SVN Daemon
Sync Tungsten E2 on OS X 10.5
OS X Firewire Mount Point
Automount Firewire Drive on OS X Leopard at a Custom Mount Point
Building Programs on OS X
Fix svn: Revision file lacks trailing newline
How to fix the dreaded "svn: Revision file lacks trailing newline".
Sync any Google Calendar with iCal
This can sync calendars between ical and gcal without the need for extra software.
De-Luxe SSHFS for OS X
A deluxe setup for sshfs mounting on OS X upon login.
Squid Anonymous Proxy on OS X
I'll piece together various instructions to set up an anonymous squid proxy on OS X.
AppleScript Droplet with File Type Associations
Here I describe how to create an AppleScript Droplet with full file type associations, custom file type icons, and a custom application icon.