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Sync Tungsten E2 on OS X 10.5

[Pardon the format, I'm in a hurry...this will be fixed next time I need it.]

Note 1/24/09 - I recently got a BlackBerry 8330. It's sweet and I'm selling my Tungsten E2 on Ebay right now. Also (and probably related to my BlackBerry purchase), the last time I tried a Bluetooth sync with my E2, it failed after an OS X update to about 10.5.5. I went in circles trying to get it to work, but to no avail. I'm tired of the problems with Palm devices. I decided that if I'm going to have problems, I want my device to be a full-featured smart phone from RIM and not aging technology from Palm. I have google calendar and adress book syncing with my BlackBerry via my wireless network and I'm using the very killer ToDoMatrix from REXwireless.

Of course I may have jumped the Palm ship too early, depending on how badass the Palm Pré turns out to be.

Note 6/1/08 - Today, after a couple of OS X updates (10.5.1 & 10.5.2) my Palm Tungsten E2 wouldn't sync with iSync any more, even with the cable, failing with the error in the Palm Sync Manager: "Timeout waiting for Sync Engine, exiting 6/1/08 12:08:58 PM iSync Conduit synchronization failed". I'm not sure what the problem was, but I deleted the device from iSync 3.0 and then deleted the Device from my Mac bluetooth preferences, then deleted all of the trusted devices from my palm's bluetooth preferences. I then reinstalled Palm Desktop 4.2.1 and went to the Palm HotSync Manager and enabled the iSync Conduit. This latter step overlaps with the instructions below. Note also that iSync 3.0 does not open a progress bar automatically with HotSync. This behavior is different from earlier versions of iSync.

If you have never got iSync going with your Palm, then ignore the above and just read on. The following should work.

The Instructions

Go to and follow the instructions, but do not attempt to sync yet.

Using OS X 10.5.1 and a palm tungsten e2 with the latest palm os update for this device and palm desktop 3.2.1 for OS X, I followed the above instructions, but they did not work for me.

What did work (after following the above instructions): go to bluetooth preferences on OS X, set up a new serial port, named something like "Bluetooth-SerialPort", type "RS-232"--make sure it is "On" and the key is not checked (have not experimented with the key yet). Go to Bluetooth preferences on palm device, make sure bluetooth is on and paired with computer as above. Click "setup devices", click "PC Setup", click the computer name next to the hotsync icon, select "trusted devices" from the top menu, select the appropriate pc from the list, click OK. "Step 1" will prompt you to create the virtual serial port as I described above. "Steps 2 and 3" translate to this on OS X: Open hotsync manager. Go to the "Hotsync" menu, click "setup", click on the "Connection Settings" tab. *UNCHECK* the "bluetooth-pda-sync-port". *CHECK* the "bluetooth-serialport-port" that I described how to create above. Click "Next" twice on the palm device.