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New Site Goes Live '09

1/27/09: Today my brand new website goes live as my personal home page.

Today I finally finished customizing my plone3 installation. I hope the look is polished. I began with the Arctic Plone Skin freely available from the Quinta group and applied some modifications to personalize it and give it a cleaner look. This new site is a makeover and upgrade of my old experimental plone site I called my "beta pages". I can't link to my old "beta pages" site for comparison because it has been transmogrified into what you see here.

I merged my most prominent content from my old official site to the new plone3 site, giving up the minimalist look inspired by google. I chose the the minimalist look eight or nine years ago when computers were much slower than today and most people who had internet at home used a modem. These days, a web designer can feel safe sacrificing a bit of speed for a more sophisticated look, dynamic content, and simpler maintenance. Please enjoy.