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Site Upgrade '09

1/22/09: I have upgraded the website software on my experimental pages. Soon my official website will don a new look and bountiful content.

I discovered the plone content management system a couple of years ago. Because it seemed powerful and full-featured, I installed plone2 as an experimental site at Outside of maintaining a resume and some sparse content at my main page, I have been slowly adding content to However, I have kept the habit of treating my plone site as experimental, especially because I have found plone2 just a little buggy. In the mean time, I have set up a couple of plone3 sites, one of which is a professional site for my wife, Jenn. Since I have found plone 3 much more powerful and easier to manage than plone2, I have longed to migrate my experimental plone2 site to plone3. Today, I spent about 13 hours to make the transition. Soon I will begin the task of polishing up my content, changing the logo, and generally enjoying my new site. Hopefully others will find something helpful or entertaining herein.

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