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The Desktop DNA Calculator

This is the page for the Desktop DNA Calculator, a component of the schneider suite. This utility is useful for calculating concentrations based on absorbance. Its fun. Currently, a standalone executable is available for linux. If you use linux, I'll assume you know how to use this executable. If I get any requests for OS X or windows executables, I'll provide those.

Source is available and thankfully runs on OS X natively on versions 10.4 and later (OS X knows how to run the source).

On, OS X, go to a Terminal, navigate to the source you downloaded (e.g. the "Downloads" folder), un-tar the source file, and execute the program as a native python program. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, its easiest just to download the source, open your "Downloads" folder with the Finder, double click ddc.0.1.tar, then go to the directory called "src" that was created from double clicking the tar file, then double click the file called "a260" inside this "src" folder and the program should open as a native application in OS X (this has the side effect of opening the Terminal application).

Complete Instructions

  1. Start it up
  2. Press buttons, punch in numbers
  3. See what happens--you'll like it.

Here is a screen shot on OS X:

DDC Mac OSX Screenshot