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Home page of pygmyplot: a simplified wrapper for matplotlib.

pygmyplot — pygmyplot 0.2.0 documentation


What is pygmyplot?

Borrowing from the motto of matplotlib:

Pygmyplot tries to make most things very easy and the very hard things left to matplotlib.

Pygmyplot is a simple plotting library for Tkinter python programmers who need to incorporate plotting functionality into their programs. Pygmyplot is based on the popular and powerful matplotlib, but does not require the python programmer to know nitty-gritty details of matplotlib programming. However, pygmyplot provides access to all of matplotlib's functionality just below the surface. Pygmyplot is designed to work more seamlessly with the Tkinter event loop than matplotlib's own simplified wrapper, pyplot.

Pygmyplot currently supports x-y line and scatter plots (with or without error bars), histograms, and heatmaps. Although very functional and stable, pygmyplot is still evolving. Bar charts (vertical and horizontal), log-log x-y plots, semi-log x-y plots, and pie charts are planned for the near future.

The documentation is also evolving and will soon describe the many conveniences pygmyplot offers to the programmer. The current state of the package and its documentation will probably address 80% to 90% of all plotting needs. It is hoped to reach 95% of all needs within a few weeks of today (Sept. 19, 2012), so stay tuned!


Installation & Download

Install with easy_install

Because pygmyplot has a home on PyPI, it is easiest to install pygmyplot using easy_install from setuptools:

easy_install pygmyplot


Install with pip

Alternatively, the new-improved way to install from PyPI is to use the improvement to easy_install called pip:
pip install pygmyplot

If you don't have pip installed, it can be "bootstrapped" from easy_install:

easy_install pip

Download Source & Complete HTML Documentation

To download the latest source and html documentation from PyPI, click here.



HTML Documentation

The up-to-date html documentation is at the pygmyplot documentation page on PyPI.

PDF Documentation

Click here for pdf documentation. Save a tree! Don't print it unless you absolutely have to.



Pygmyplot is licensed under the PSF license, just like matplotlib. Download the source distribution for the complete license.